Seller of 90% pure cocaine made from coke leaves we are looking to build a customer base .
We are only satisfied when you are satisfied with the product.
We guarantee a 90-95% pure cocaine, in “Eztest purity” you obtain black color, in “Eztest cuts” you obtain white color.
We can ship to all countries in the world,Our main goal is to provide the best quality coke for resellers, vendors or any bulk buyer at a reasonable price.

Do not expect us to lower this prices because our quality is not cheap, and our business has certain grade of exclusiveness. We are completely sure you will find a better price with other vendors, but are you safe ordering with them? is their stealth reliable for a bulk order? some of this vendors stick with traditional stealth methods and we are not talking about a few grams. My listings could be more expensive, but your freedom does not have a price. You will never find a most reliable option in terms of stealth and quality for bulk orders elsewhere.